Why do I do it?

Because I struggled with suicidal ideation starting in early childhood, I had to come up with a way to mitigate those suicidal thoughts and feelings.

The only way I have been able to curb those feelings is thru following my passions or feeling like I was in a state of “flow”.

In childhood they were passions like photography, videography, technology, especially computers and the early internet, business, and making money from selling candy as well as from popular culture passions like Skateboarding, Pokemon cards, and Yo-Yos.

I eventually found power in the following 21 commitments, I call them the “Happy Hero PACT”.

Live Happy, Healthy, and Abundant thru Faith.
Work with Passion to Solve Problems and Serve Others.
Play hard.
Love harder.
Learn and Grow with Curiosity.
Pay-it-forward thru Gratitude.

Be Inspired to Inspire Others.
Innovate to Solve and Serve.
Create a Raving Fan Experience for Clients, Employees, and Investors.
Be Resourceful to get the needed Resources.
Use a Simple Business Model to Make Buying Easy.
Celebrate the Milestones.

Use Apple Tech when Possible.

Listen to Audio Daily.
Read Daily.
Blog Daily.
Market Daily.
Coach and Be Coached Daily.
Have an “Hour of Power”, Meditation, and/or Prayer Daily.
Attend Trade-shows and Events for Serendipitous Interactions Often.
Be All-In your Life and Life’s Work (Business or Career).

I’m getting better each day and I am seeing positive results in every area of my life thru these commitments.

I am doing it thru being a Brand Sidekick, right now, but that’s just the marketing machine I’m building for my true purpose in life of building safe affordable villages and cities.

Kasita has been an inspiration although overpriced.
Walt’s original EPCOT vision was far before it’s time and would likely have changed out cities are built today.
More major inspiration that really seems to have built on what Walt was working on and taken to a new level with technology of today. This is definitely more aspirational than practical in today’s society, it will take a consciousness shift to get here and that is why it is my life’s mission to house at least 1 billion people.